Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Walking To Defeat Alzheimer's

After a couple of lazy weeks I am getting some decent walking in. We still have 34+ degree heat so I am trying to be sensible and avoiding 30 km walks (although I have one planned for Friday, starting at 6 in the morning) So far this week it has been a 13 kms, a 17 kms and, today, 20 kms.

There was an interesting item in this morning's Daily Telegrarf. It is known that those who are physically active have less likelihood of developing Alzheimer's. Also that those who follow a Mediterranean diet rich in Fruits, vegetables, cereal and fish and low in red meat, dairy and poulty, with moderate amounts of alcohol, are less likely to get Alzheimers.

The reasearch set out to quantify the beneficial effects of these two lifestyle choices, separately and together. It seems that exercise means you are 33 per cent less likely to develop the condition. The Mediterranean diet reduces your chances by 40 per cent. Together they reduce your chances of developing Alzheimer's by a whopping 60 per cent!

This is good news for a vegetarian (only missing the fish) who exercises a-plenty. And a great incentive to anybody to change their lifestyle.

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