Saturday, August 8, 2009


Returning to the topic of the week - walkers/joggers being attacked by dogs.

That story from New Zealand was horrifying. If you haven't seen it yet, just Google "Jogger New Zealand" and you will have a vast choice of news reports about it. It seems to have been covered by every newspaper in the world.

I have already asked if pepper sprays are legal in France. I don't know how effective they are against dogs, but I should think much more so that the Dazer, which is an ultrasonic device which may or may not puzzle a dog on its way to your throat.

Another thing which has been suggested to me is a tazer. Met an interesting man who had a stall at Mirepoix market the other day. He was selling a wide range of splendidly made marble Buddhas. He had a very interesting life story to tell and I would be keen to hear more of it. However, the relevant bit of our conversation concerned tazers.

He had been on a market somewhere and on an adjacent stall someone was selling tazers. Probably not the full monty type as used by the police but, he said, just the sound they emitted was enough to deter a marauder, human or animal. And that's before the ultimate sanction of applying the electricity to the beast.

Does anybody know anything about these, whether they are legal in France, where they can be acquired?

The Buddha man is called Howard Owen and his website is:

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