Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Time, Like Vic, Is Marching On

A little over 8 months until VBW starts, on May 15th, 2010. It sounds a long time, but when I first conceived the project, there were over 2 years to go. That 16 or 17 months has flown by, while I have walked 5,000-6,000 kms.

Physically, I am ready to go now. I just need to maintain my fitness. From now until May I will be travelling quite a lot. In September Gay and I will be going to Italy and UK. In October we are off to the United States, returning November. In January we travel to UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and UK again before returning home with about 6 weeks to go to the start line.

In most of those places I hope to at least maintain the current 100 kms or so per week. In New Zealand I expect to step this up to more like 200 kms per week before easing off slightly to gather strength for the big effort.

And I am aware of what a big effort it will be. I shall be walking something like 1800 kms in 70 days.

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rosie london uk said...

My God you are going to do some lovely travelling and some hard walking so god luck to you and Gay..
Rosie and Bob x

on checking saw o was missing in good decided to leave it as HE is the stronger one..