Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Thousand Down ...

... Six Thousand To Go. And for a change I am not talking about my kilometrage.

Donations to Pancreatic Cancer through my JustGiving page have now exceeded £1000, 15% or my target, plus over £200 in tax relief.

I am immensely grateful to those who have contributed, especially those who I know can ill afford it. But they can see the benefit of donating early because the money goes straight to the charity to help it in its work. If you donate now, the money is with Pancreatic Cancer by the end of the week, assisting it in the search for earlier diagnosis and hopefully a cure.

Some of those who have donated have very personal reasons for wanting to help, because they have seen a loved one or a friend succumb, always frighteningly quickly, to this dreadful illness.

I know of many people who have told me they will donate, but who have not yet done the deed.

You too can make a difference - why wait? A day earlier than otherwise, and you could ease somebody's pain, or tip the balance on research which can benefit millions. Every little bit counts.

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