Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Vic's Big Walk For Pancreatic Cancer UK is over ...

... but the malady lingers on.

My fundraising has achieved 100% of the £7000 target. Of course I wanted to reach the target, but I want even more to exceed it. This deadly serial killer can only be defeated as a result of research and all you and I can do is help to finance that research and also to increase the awareness of the world out there.

Many people have donated twice or more. Many more have said they will donate but have not yet done so.

The fund (and the blog) will stay open for a while, so now is your chance to act. If you intend to donate to this most worthwhile of causes, please do so now. If you have already donated, but regarded that (as some clearly did) as a deposit, the balance to be paid if and when I completed the mammoth task of walking from the Pyrenees to the Pennines, now is your chance to come good.

Either way, thank you all for your support, both for the event and for your donations to pancreatic cancer research.

Vic Heaney, aka Big Walker

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