Thursday, July 29, 2010

Back From The Outer Limits

We just came down from the Isle of Skye. Remind you of a song? More later.

We went to Skye to visit our splendid old friends Jackie and Bob Parry. Jackie is 84 and Bob 88. They live in a tiny cottage on the shores of a sea loch and they are young people. It is always a pleasure to see them and this time was no different. They have been enthusiastic supporters of VBW ever since the first thoughts and we give them great thanks for that. Let's hope it is not too long until our next visit.

Skye marked the outer limits of our journey. We have now turned southwards and are heading home. Another couple of days in Dunoon with our family, a bit more of that in the Blackpool area on Sunday, then we head down for the ferry and hope to be back in France on Wednesday morning and back home by Friday afternoon.

I see that the donation button on my blog is showing 100%. Actually, donations now are at 103%, which is the correct figure showing on the JustGiving page. But I don't want it to stop there.

And that song? Here it is.

Donald Where’s your Trousers

1. I've just come down from the Isle of Skye,
I’m no very big and I'm awful shy,
And the lassies shout when I go by,
" Donald where’s your troosers."

Let the wind blow high, let the wind blow low,
Through the streets in my kilt I'll go,
And all the lassies shout hello
Donald where'syour troosers.
2. A Lassie took me to a ball
And it was slippery in the hall
And I was feart that I would fall
Fur I hadnae on ma' troosers
3. I went down to London Town
And I had some fun in the underground
The ladies turned their heads around
Saying "Donald where's your troosers".
4. To wear the kilt is my delight
It isna wrong, I know its right
The islanders would get a fright
If they saw me in the troosers
5. They'd like to wed me everywan
Just let them catch me if they can
You cannae tak’ the breeks aff a Hielan’ man
And I don't wear the troosers

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