Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Blog Day 67. Two More Walters.

Today’s walk with the third set of Walters went a bit astray at first, as we failed to find each other. In fact it was two hours after the agreed time before we were all together and underway. Clive Dickinson had to drop out because he was suffering badly from his asthma but Ian Smith guided me through the Cuerden Valley Park, over the River Ribble and into the heart of Preston, then on to the start of the Lancaster Canal, where he departed while I walked a further 3 kms to find Gay waiting at the Preston Sports Arena.

We then high-tailed it to Lytham, where the fourth attempt at receiving Gay’s replacement Visa card was foiled because, despite long discussions and clear directions to the bank, and their agreement, the card has been sent to our home address, where we are not, instead of the HSBC Lytham Branch, where we were, by appointment.

The early part of the walk was dry, then became very wet, as it has remained since. The hosepipe ban in this area has been in force about 10 days, as has the rain.

This is the first time I have ever seen a sign pointing one off the canal to an ice-cream parlour. The other two pics are amusing narrowboat names. Septimus will recognise another of his aliases.

Distance today was 30 kms, total so far 1810.5 kms.

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