Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 56. Too Long. Too Hot.

Not much to say about today’s walk. Too long, at 35 kms. Especially in the conditions, hot. Not enough sustenance available on the way. We managed to come off the canal at one spot – Chivers Coton – where we had learned there was a craft centre with 20-odd craft shops and a café. We homed in on the café, of course, where, in addition to our tea and buns, I received a donation from the lady behind the counter. Interesting that the church in this village was built by German prisoners-of-war. Shame that we had to add to our distance by diverting from the canal for this welcome sit-down.

We (Septimus was with me) walked on to Atherstone.. Day’s distance 35 kms. Total so far 1563.5 kms.

Had a ‘phone call on the way, from Nicola in Iddly, who told me that Fabrizio is in Malmo, Sweden. A few minutes later we walked past a boat called “Malmo”.

Once again we have an appallingly weak signal strength (what am I paying for here?) so can not load photographs for today or the outstanding ones for the past two days. (I managed to load them on Saturday).

Today is the end of the 8th week of walking without a day off. I am hoping to have a couple of rest days in the last two weeks so that we can make some nostalgic side-trips, driving the while.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS Vic on reaching 70% of your goal for the charity!!!!!!!

Best wishes,


Vic Heaney said...

It's 72% now, Gill.

For some reason, the figure displayed on the blog, although it is a direct feed from the JustGiving website, is always 1% lower.