Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 60. Normal Service Will Be Resumed ...

I forgot to mention yesterday that I walked 22 kms and that the total VBW distance covered so far is 1640.

I am dawdling about now because I have plenty of time in hand. I could probably get to Blackpool this weekend if I just continued straight on up the canals, but that would ruin the concept of walking back through 70 years of life in 70 days. It would also ruin the plans of people who have come from overseas to witness my arrival at the house where I was born.

I have cut out the side trips to nostalgia land, or at least the walking version of those, which I only ever intended to do if I had lots of time to spare. As it happens, if I now walked off to Leek, et cetera, I would be pushed for time, but as we are now going to have a day off to visit those places, I shall still have time in hand when I reach Lancashire.

There will be no walking today, for the first time since May 15th.

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