Friday, July 23, 2010

Been There, Done That

I took no photographs today. My walk was only about 3 kms, and some of that was going over some of yesterday's route. But I had saved this picture from Day 57. It was on a canal narrowboat and I thought how very appropriate it would be for today's blog entry.

We spent quite a bit of time with Elaine Dunkley of BBC TV before I started walking. Elaine arrived without the expected camera crew because they had dashed off to cover the big fire which has destroyed the M61 service station at Bolton. So Elaine had to do the filming herself as well as the interviewing.

Then Alison Butterworth of BBC Radio Manchester caught up with us to wire me up for the walk to Ground Zero. I was to listen to the program currently going on, wait until she had finished interviewing people outside the house, wait until she said "I will nip up to the corner to see if Vic is in sight", then appear round that same corner.

The reception committee comprised Gay, daughters and their families, brothers, and some old friends. But what really blew me away was that Sharon, current occupant, had decorated the house with bunting and "Happy Birthday" signs. I had called to see her some time ago to warn that things would be happening outside her house, but I had the impression she didn't absorb it, or didn't care. Thank you, Sharon, that was great.

There were further interviews with Elaine and Alison, a photographer from the local paper appeared, then we all dispersed for lunch. We are now ensconced at Guy's, the place I mentioned the other day, on the canal some miles from Blackpool, where something is planned for tonight.

The BBC report will be on BBC TV Look North West tonight (the program is at 1830 BST). Much to Elaiine's surprise, and putting her under some pressure, she learned shortly before 12 that a motorbike was coming to pick up the tapes because the item was also going out on the lunchtime news.

I want to thank everybody who has supported me in this venture, and of course all those who have donated. The target will be reached - I have promises enough for that. But don't let that put you off donating - I want to well exceed the target and the fund will not close for some time yet.

Thank you, everybody.


Martin Parker said...

Well done Vic - a fantastic achievement! Glad to see the donations are steadily going up and hopefully you will reach your target soon.

Anonymous said...

Bravo, Vic, knew you could do it!You made your goal by foot!Hope you surpass your monetary goal. I've tried a few Facebook appeals. Happy birthday!
Jennifer Mellgren

talesfromagarden said...

Well done you and Happy 70TH Birthday! Have been following your progress all the way and cannot believe its all done now!Enjoyed your trip around France and England on the blog.I promise to donate soon so do keep the blog open for same.congrats. again!

French for a While said...

Very proud of you and Gay. What a great achievement.

Kait said...

Vic, on behalf of everyone at Pancreatic Cancer UK I would like to say thank you so mcuh for all your hard work. Thank you to Gay for her support as well.
I hope you're enjoying your tour.