Sunday, July 4, 2010

Day 51. Extra. Rescheduling

As foretold, some replanning is underway as a result of the megadays which had accidentally crept in to waylay me after I came ashore in Portsmouth as an innocent French-trained walker. Those megadays had to be liquidated, split up, and cast to the four winds, resulting in me being two days behind schedule when entering the canal system, which is now.

This is where I shall be walking to for the next few days. Where we shall be staying is sometimes another story because for some reason, campsite developers have not given VBW a very high priority while choosing their whereabouts.

Day 51. North of Oxford, Pear Tree Roundabout and Nightmare Incorporated.
Day 52. Somerton Bridge.
Day 53. Claydon Locks.
Day 54. Braunston.
Day 55. Brinklow.
Day 56. Atherstone.
Day 57. Fradley Junction.
Day 58. Wolseley Bridge.

A Vulcan bomber, or rather the only Vulcan bomber still flying (and this one has had to be resurrected) flew over V-Force One an hour ago. It is rather small in the picture, but if you double click it will enlarge and you will see what a beautiful aircraft this is - at least the equal of Concorde. I remember when they were flight-testing them in the 50s. Then, and for some time in service, the planes were white, and excellent to behold. Then they went onto camouflage, like this one, which is not quite so good.

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