Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day 61 Extra. Final? Adjustments To Course And Schedule

Here are some slight amendments to the information I posted on Day 57. These changes are due to availability of accommodation. Also, to Gay planning a route (in the interests of my survival) from Congleton to Wilmslow down minor roads and footpaths rather than down the A34. Longer but safer.

Day 61. Wednesday July 14. Walk from Stone to Heron Cross, Stoke on Trent.

Day 62. Thursday July 15. Walk from Heron Cross to Congleton.

Day 63. Friday July 16. Walk from Congleton to Wilmslow/Handforth border.

Day 64. Saturday July 17. Walk from Wilmslow/Handforth to Warburton Toll Bridge.

Days 65, 66,67. July 18,19,20. Walk with Walters Walking Club from Warburton to Preston.

Day 68. Wednesday July 21. Walk from Preston to Garstang with my son-in-law Kenny. This day is reserved for Kenny. Nobody else welcome.

Day 69. Thursday July 22. Walk from Garstang to another location.

Day 70 Friday July 23. Walk from another location to target address. Arrival 1100 prompt.

Please note that almost all the above days are spoken for in that we are either staying with friends, or I am already walking with somebody. There are only a couple of days which are in neither of these categories. I actually want to walk on my own some of the time. This means that all applications to walk with me are now closed.

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