Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 65. Different Feet.

Yesterday afternoon, at Warburton, we had a visit from our friends Evelyn, Ian and Rowan. They live in Ireland, were on their way to Cockermouth for a job (Evelyn and Ian are both environmental scientists), and had made a diversion to see us. We walked down to a local pub and had an early dinner. The pub owners had left their 18-year old son in charge. Our visitors told him what I am doing, and how far I have walked. He just kept saying “Bloody Hell!” He must have said it seven or eight times.

Today was the first of my 3 days with the Walters Walking Club. Gerry Millar rolled up for the first half of today’s walk and amazed us by saying that he grew up in the next street but one to Septimus (who had also arrived for today’s walk) and myself. So there was much reminiscing and nostalging as we walked to Culcheth Linear Park, where Gerry handed us over to another Walter, Ken Critchley. Ken shepherded us to the Leeds-Liverpool Canal and to the Dover Lock pub, where we are ensconced until tomorrow morning on the pub car park. It is interesting to note that there is no lock here. There was once, but subsidence destroyed it and, to maintain the water levels, locks were built elsewhere.

Shortly before we arrived at Dover Lock, we met a friend of Ken’s on the canal bank. This was Andy Ling, and all of those dogs are his. And they are all well trained and well behaved. Both of those feet are Andy’s, believe it or not, although they are dressed so differently. This is due to an injured foot. Or maybe it is just to provoke conversation. Septimus asks me to point out that his red t-shirt is certainly not indicative of his political persuasions.

When Gay made our number with George, mine host at the Dover Lock, he said we should not park near the hedge because mink, rats and ferrets would get under our bonnet and eat the wires.

Today’s walk was short, at 19.5 kms. I am pretty sure I have no long walks left to do. In fact there are only 5 walks left. The total for VBW so far is 1760.5 kms. Bloody Hell!

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