Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 58 Extra. Extra Big Donation.

You may have noticed an extraordinary donation on my JustGiving page. The sum is £540. This was donated by an 18 year old boy.

The message from him which failed to appear on the JustGiving page is as follows:

Dear Vic,

Last week, for my 18th Birthday my parents bought me a parachute jump. I thought I would take the opportunity to raise money for your cancer research charity in support of your efforts and in memory of my Grandmother. As the jump was paid for by my parents, every donation I got could go directly to charity. I collected a total that was the equivalent of £540 in sterling, so here it is.

Everyone was very supportive over here, and they feel that your walk is a very noble and selfless cause! I hope the money I raised will prove to be a nice contribution to your journey!

I hope to see you soon; we will try to meet you along your way next Saturday.

Your friend,

Rowan Moorkens O’Reilly

Rowan is an extraordinary boy, if you need telling that after this amazing piece of fundraising. Among other things, he has been on an astronaut training course in America.

Rowan's mother, Evelyn, made the Vic's Big Walk banner you may have seen in pictures on this blog.

Thanks, Rowan, for showing what can be done. And for doing it.

So, with an example like that to follow, what can you do?

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