Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Walking Route Through France - Stage 2 of 3

Stage 2 of 3. Sarlat to Chatellerault

Day 11. Sarlat to Le Lardin St Lazare. 32 kms

Day 12. Le Lardin to Lanouaille. 36 kms

Day 13.Lanouaille to Bussiere Galant. 35 kms

Day 14. Bussiere to Le Dognon. 31 kms

Day 15. Le Dognon to Gajoubert. 36 kms

Day 16. Gajoubert to Persac. 34 kms

Day 17. Persac to Touffou. 36 kms

Day 18. Touffou to Chatellerault. 25 kms

Total for Stage. 265 kms

Again, I believe I have selected quiet roads throughout, for walking safety. If anybody has local knowledge which contradicts that, or knowledge of direct, off-road footpaths between any of the above points, I would like to hear about it.

If you want to know exactly which roads I will be using, to:

Click on "directions", select the "walking" option, and put in the "to" and "from" towns.

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