Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Raising Money For Charity

There have been many suggestions to me, via comments to this blog, e-mails, various forums which carry news of the walk, that I should be using the event to raise money for a charity.

I have decided that I shall do this. The charity I have chosen is Pancreatic Cancer UK. Did you know that this very nasty and, in my experience, heartlessly rapid cancer, is responsible for 5% of cancer deaths, but receives only 1% of cancer funding? We need to try to change that.

This is a matter particularly close to the heart of me and my daughters Karen and Nicola. My first wife, their mother, died of this dreadful illness only a very few short weeks after diagnosis.

I will set up an arrangement with Just Giving, so that sponsorship donations can be made direct from this blog. I would do that today, but there is a problem with Just Giving's new website. As soon as that problem is fixed I will post more details and a button to "press"

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