Monday, June 8, 2009

The Ghost Of Dr Barbara Moore

I walked 34 kilometres today, my normal Monday route from Mirepoix to Puivert. My legs were pretty tired at the end of it. I was reminded once again of Dr Barbara Moore, when she was walking from Lands End in England to John o' Groats in Scotland. She used to walk 40 miles a day, which is nearer to 60 kms than 30. She covered the same daily distance when she walked across America, coast to coast. She was phenomenal, although she was not approaching 70 years of age, as I am.

I have mentioned before that I get a lot of data about who looks at my blog. It is all a bit spooky. I can tell what people have been searching for on Google, for instance, which leads them to my blog. A surprising number of searchers, from all over the world, have been looking for information on Dr Barbara Moore. One of my postings was about her, which is why Google leads them to my blog.

There is little information available about her, which makes it all the more surprising that so many people know about her in the first place. So many seem to be interested in her and her achievements that I am very surprised that there does not seem to be a book about the lady.


Anonymous said...

Hi I met Dr Barbara Moore in Tewkesbury UK 1960 she was doing the walk to lands end.The floods were high and the town cut off she came in on the high railway lines walking over the river avon bridge.
My farther met her at the Swan Hotel in high street were she stayed that nite.
Clive Sweet age 8 yrs in 1960.

CreativiTea said...


thank you for your lovely little site. Cheers to you for all the hearty living that you're doing by walking and sharing the light of life with others. ;)
I am interested in Barbara Moore today because I was juicing some wheatgrass I've grown. As I read my wheatgrass book by Dr. Ann Wigmore, it mentions Dr. Moore in the book. Her story, and a simple line drawing of her, just seemed to stick in the back of my mind with a gentle fascination.
I am just healing from a really wicked flu as well as feeling the life energy surging up here in the California springtime. Therefore, I am really ready to set fitness goals for myself and get myself in great shape. So thank you for posting about "the ghost of Barbara Moore"... and may YOU also always be remembered! ;) smile. Peace, Ayden B.

CreativiTea said...


It's nice to see a hearty walker such as yourself championing that worthy cause of health.
I became interested in Barbara Moore today while reading her story in a Wheatgrass book by Dr. Ann Wigmore. I had juiced some grass I'd grown... and Barbara's story with a simple line drawing fascinated me in a gentle way.
I am just getting over a wicked flu, doing spring cleaning on my body, and wanting to set fitness goals for the year.
So looking at the ability of yourself and people such as Dr. Moore is really inspiring...
Cheers! Ayden B

Nigel Searle said...

Im led to believe Dr Barbara Moore lived in Norwood Green and was murdered in her home. This happened in the late sixties when i lived nearby. Nigel