Friday, June 26, 2009

Buttons not Bows

Welcome to the new visitors to the blog as a result of this article in the Blackpool Gazette:

Just to correct a couple of points in the story. The headline reads (it may have changed on the Internet version by the time you see it) that I am walking to the Pyrenees, whereas in reality I am walking from the Pyrenees.

Also, at the end of the story, it refers to contributions. I should make it clear that the only financial contributions I am seeking are for a charity, UK Pancreatic Cancer (as I announced a few days ago on this blog). In the next few days a "button" will appear on this blog which, when clicked, will make it easy for people to contribute directly to that charity, to help fight a terrible disease which took a mother from my children and a grandmother from my grandchildren, one of which, wee Alessandro, she sadly never saw.

The only other contributions I am seeking are in the form of advice, tips and general encouragement, of which I am receiving plenty.

The picture above is one that I took when Septimus and I were walking from Quillan to my home in Puivert a couple of days ago. Just a sample of the scenery here in Paradise. And obviously within walking distance!

For those too young to remember, "Buttons and Bows" was a hit song once upon a time. It first appeared in the Bob Hope and Jane Russell movie "Paleface" and was excruciatingly performed by Dr Frasier Crane, with most of the words having disappeared from his mouth.

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