Friday, June 26, 2009

No Septimus at Montsegur

I was a bit disappointed yesterday. Septimus Willem, since he arrived on Tuesday, has been joining me on my walks. Yesterday we were scheduled to do a hike I have never done before, from home to the famous and mysterious castle at Montsegur.

Montsegur is where, during the appalling crusade to wipe out the Cathars, people who followed a religion as Christian, if not more so, than the attackers, the Cathars made their last stand, protected within and around the castle by local lords.

After a long siege, the castle was surrendered and 400 Cathars, rather than put aside their beliefs, marched, singing, onto the funeral pyre.

Montsegur is in a spectacular position and worth a visit just for the scenic value, even if you did not know its tragic history. However, it stands at 4000 feet, so in the weather we had yesterday, it was well buried in cloud and we would have seen nothing. Another day.

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