Monday, June 22, 2009

Nice Buns

Today I walked the 33 kms from Mirepoix to home, along the Voie Verte. Nothing new about that, I hear you say, I do it every Monday (market day in Mirepoix) except when other things, such as real life, intervene.

What is new is that I remembered to take a picture of my sustenance for the walk. The one on the rightis a croissant aux amandes - a croissant filled with almond paste (before cooking) and plastered with almond pieces. I love anything almond flavoured and one of these for breakfast propels me all the way to Chalabre (23 kms) where I pause, sit on a stone seat on a stone bridge with a magnificent view of the stone Pyrenees, and there I mange the second item, the one on the left in the picture. This is a pain aux raisins, sometimes known as escargot or snail. Filled with lovely raisins and sultanas, it is enough to fuel me up for the final 10 kms to Puivert.

Both these items are sold by boulangers - bakers - all over the area, but this one paricular boulangerie in Mirepoix, which escaped our attention for years because it is a little out of the way, makes particularly fine examples of the breeds.

While walking, I dictated, into a tiny electronic device I have which holds hours of speech, the outline and beginnings of the book of the walk.

You may have noticed that the counters to the right of this blog have disappeared - the one saying how many days and weeks until the start of the walk, the other counting down to the finish line. Apparently these "gadgets" for some reason became faulty, so I had to remove them. I am trying to find replacements. but I think we are now below 47 weeks to the off.

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