Friday, September 11, 2009

A Walker's Best Friend is A Cycling Shirt

Most walkers, like most runners, will probably tell you that their best friend, or most essential piece of equipment, is a tub of petroleum jelly. I would agree with them, despite the fact that my father used to make us put it on our hair. But to prevent rubbing and blistering it takes some beating. I wouldn't be without it. They don't seem to sell it in France - we had to import some specially.

But it has not proved to be the complete answer to my back problem, or rather one of my back problems - the one caused by wearing a rucksack for long distances every day. Despite the fact I can see no projections or rough bits on the rucksack, despite copious application of vaseline to the afflicted parts before I set out on my walk, I regularly have abrasions.

I had a brainwave, and asked Pascale Graffman, European marketing manager of Columbia Sportswear, it is was possible for her to get hold of some of the cycling tops used by the Columbia team in the Tour de France and other cycling races. She sent me one by return of post.

This is most excellent, because not only does it allow me to brazenly exhibit the name of my sponsors, but the pockets at the back give a double skin in exactly the place where I am being damaged. Result - an immediate improvement in the situation. I have considered your sensibilities by not exhibiting a picture of my back. But isn't the shirt lovely? And look at that six-pack!


happywanderer said...

Your backpack does not appear to be fitting properly - perhaps that's your problem.

Vic Heaney said...

Well, that was a bit cryptic, wasn't it? In what way is my backpack not fitting properly?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, Vic, and "bon courage" for your enterprise...
Just wanted to point out that Vaseline is petroleum jelly and is of course available in France!
Anyway, good on you and all the best!


Vic Heaney said...

Thanks Candide44. I thought it was obvious from my blog entry that I know vaseline and petroleum jelly are one and the same thing.

The only time we have ever found any in France it was a tiny tube at a huge price. We would be pleased to know if there is somewhere one can by tubs.