Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Traffic Avoidance

Well, it was a record, but only just. 34 kms instead of 33 kms the more dangerous way.

When I set off from Mirepoix the temperature was 8 degrees. The forecast was for 27 degrees later in the day. What should a feller wear? I settled for the Columbia zip-off trousers - the ones which become shorts in a trice. Excellent choice. Before I had been walking an hour, the mercury had climbed to nearly 20 and high twenties followed quite quickly.

The Voie Verte was as deserted as usual. 14.14 kms before I saw anybody, and that was a man walking his dog. Or rather he had parked his car where a minor road crosses the track and he was standing about while the dog sniffed about. I was almost at Chalabre (21 kms) before I saw any actual users of the track - a bunch of several cyclists. Yet again I wondered why whichever body spent money renovating the old railway line, and which pays more money to keep it in good order, does not spend just a little more money putting some signs up on the roads, so that people will know the Voie Verte exists.

It was hard work walking this far, after a few weeks at lesser distances because of the canicule, but I was very pleased with the amendment to the route. The roads used this way are very minor and I did not feel threatened once by the traffic.

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