Thursday, September 3, 2009


This picture is to remind you (and me) what Vic's Big Walk is all about.

And it gives me an excuse to say if you shift your eyes to the left, you will inescapably see the JustGiving donation button, where you can put your money where my feet are, so to speak. Or where the words "Pancreatic Cancer UK" are on my chest.

The picture can also be used to induce gossip about the relative states of the t-shirts - Gay's is ironed to a crisp and mine is crumpled and straight out of the packet. What sort of a place is this?

The whole thing could be just a ruse to avoid the mention of walking - just as my body seems today to have avoided the actuality of walking. I blame a trip to Carcassonne and lunch out, followed by a feeling of itstoolateness when we arrived home.

Many thanks to 007 for taking the piccies.

p.s. After consulations with, and a dash of the smoothing iron by, management, a new photoshoot was hastily arranged. Resulting in change of picture above these words. No creases, no pack drill. Phew!

The picture can be enlarged, and viewed in all its glory, by double-clicking upon either Gay's countenance or mine own poor substitute.

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