Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Wanderer And My Backpack.

I mentioned the other day that I had acquired the Columbia cycling shirt for a good reason - I hoped the double "skin" of the back pocket would prevent the abrasions to my back which I have been experiencing, presumably because I am wearing a rucksack every day.

"Happy Wanderer" kindly left a comment, saying that the photograph showed that I was wearing the rucksack incorrectly. Just that. No indication of exactly how I am wearing it wrongly, or what I should do to correct the matter. I would like to know.

I should just point out that I am aware that it is riding higher than normal. This is because I have hauled it higher and higher up my back in an attempt to obviate the damage, which occurs at waist level.

As that seemed to make no difference, I have released the straps so that the bag now hangs much lower than in the picture. I am not sure I have made any progress, because that is where I started.

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