Thursday, September 24, 2009

Columbia Give Me The Sack

My sponsors Columbia Sportswear have sent me quite a lot of gear lately - clothes and shoes. Also for Gay.

Yesterday they sent me a new rucksack. I knew it was coming but I was unprepared for it. It is stunningly light and of a revolutionary new design.

I have been reading quite a bit lately about the new breed of ultralight backpacks. They came about because people trying to follow the wise advice of making your (loaded) backpack as light as possible were finding that this was a bit difficult when they started with an empty sack of up to 7 kgs.

One snag with the ultralights is that they are necessarily made of lightweight and therefore vulnerable material. One of Columbia's answers to this is to give the sack an outer frame, like a modern tent. This not only holds the pack open while you are loading it or otherwise furtling inside, but it protects the material.

The backpack is called Mobex. It will not be in the shops until Spring 2010 so I guess I will be a bit of a guinea pig regarding its use. I understand it comes in various sizes and colours. There are many other excellent points about the design, which you can see if you watch the following short video:

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