Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Satellite Guidance for Vic's Big Walk

I do not have a great deal of experience with navigation and I will be walking, in VBW, in many places with which I am unfamiliar. I have all the maps I need, but not very good eyes - in fact they are currently waiting for an operation each.

So I have been considering, for some time, the acquisition of a GPS navigation device. I have read a lot about them. I particularly read the reviews by people who have already used them. The consensus seems to be, with most, that the hardware is good but the actual maps are not up to much - particularly when we are talking about walking tracks rather than roads.

John Sparshatt at the Long Distance Walkers' Association told me a while ago about the Active 10 Plus, which provides mapping and navigation of a superior quality. It is the only one, I believe, which has a series of insertable cards to give great detail of where you want to be. There are separate cards for each region in France and one for each county in Britain. All this makes it a very expensive option for somebody wanting to walk through many of those regions and many of those counties.

Satmap, the makers of the Active 10, have come good on my behalf. They have given me a special deal on the hardware and will provide me with the map cards free - in fact they are going to make some special map cards to cover the whole of my route.

I am really looking forward to receiving this gadget and trying it out.

Find out more about Active 10 Plus here:


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