Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Again as predicted, very little walking done today because we drove from Le Rouret home. In fact I only walked 2 kms today. Tomorrow I hope to get in a decent walk of over 20 kms, but that will be it for this week. We have a plane to catch on Friday, Saturday we want to see as much as possible of my two daughters who live in UK because they are both about to leave to live on other continents. Sunday we have a flight back. Monday I hope to return to normal life for a while.

I mentioned yesterday that we met, by arrangement, with Mike, a friend who has become so through my blog. I was thinking during today's long drive about how many people have already contacted me through my blog with messages of support. I hope to meet as many of them as possible (some live along the route of VBW) and I expect many of them to become friends. This is one outcome of VBW which I had not given a thought to when planning the walk. But it is a very welcome bonus.

The friends we stayed with in Le Rouret came about through other means, of course, but they are being very supportive of me an my walking plans.

The family Scriven are American and this morning 10 year-old Julia got up early especially to make us all pancakes for breakfast, which we enjoyed American-style, slathered in peanut butter, maple syrup, bananas, Nutella, and lots more, and lots of combinations of all these. Thank you, Julia. It was Julia, only 9 at the time, who showed us last year how to make peanut butter in one minute.

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