Sunday, September 6, 2009

A New Record Coming Up?

Another fairly modest walking week of 87 kms, but in keeping with the plan. 3251 kms so far this year. One would think I am heading for about 5,000 kms this year, but there is quite a bit of travelling coming up, with interrupted walking, so I will be quite happy to hop over the 4,000 kms mark.

The really hot weather seems to have gone away. The mornings are certainly cooler - it was 10 degrees when we set off for the market this morning. Tomorrow I may slip back into doing at least one walk of over 30 kms. I have amended my route from Mirepoix to make it safer. This keeps me on the Voie Verte (the old railway track) until after Chalabre and I exit at the same point where I leave the VV when coming the other way, from Lavelanet. The route back to Puivert from there, although almost all on roads, is much quieter than the road from Chalabre to Puivert. It is also further - I am not sure how much until I try it, but I think the total walk may now be 35 kms, which is the most I have ever walked.

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