Monday, August 11, 2008

Walk beside me

I have had several offers of company on various legs of the walk. I have not yet accepted any of them.

I have no objection to some company some of the time, although I look forward to plenty of solitude and thinking time - after all I have to plan the next 70 years of my life.

But I think it is necessary for me to sort out the route first. How could you know if you wanted to walk a leg if neither of us yet know where the legs are? And you would have to walk at my pace. Our American friend Lorenzo Minor, who with his wife Janie stayed with us for a month last year, could be heard vehemently saying to people "Do not walk with this madman - he will kill you!" I walk at about 7 kms an hour and my objective is to get to the other end in the shortest possible time so that the rest of the day is free.

Also there is the problem of accommodation. We seem to have sorted out our own accommodation - or will have, when we acquire the battlebus (this word will be used in future posts instead of motorcaravan, camper, et cetera), but I am sorry we shall not be willing to share it of a night time. Especially if I do get involved in writing articles or a book about the trip. You would be on your own regarding accommodation and transport.

What we would be very keen to hear about would be volunteers to drive the battlebus for a leg so that Gay can join me in walking. Of course that would give you logistical problems - how would you get back to your own car?

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