Sunday, August 24, 2008

Stop The World, I Want To Get Off!

I am ditching the spinning globe from my blog. It is not carrying out its function, which is to demonstrate my demographics. It is a sad disappointment.

Anyway, I am following the best advice which can be given to travellers when packing a suitcase or, even more so, a rucsack. Lay out everything you think you need, then remove anything not completely necessary, then remove half of what is left (I haven't done that bit yet, in fact I am clearly doing the opposite).

Had this message from friend John today:

Vic, I got the impression your long walk was "imminent" but 2010 , how long do you need to prepare? - just get on the road and walk. Cant be much more than a few golf rounds latched together. A mutual friend asks why not run?Anyway, seriously the best of luck. "

I assume he is joking - except about the luck. In case he is not joking, and seriously believes that something like this should be done without meticulous planning and preparation, I have invited him to fly down here on Monday and to join me in setting off on a dummy run of the walk, starting Tuesday.

Had this comment directly to the blog, from friend Jan in New Zealand:

"A friend's sister used the Justgiving website in a similar situation. You can read about her and the event at . Easy to use, I gather. "

My daughter Karen used that website for her sponsorship when she recently did the Manchester to Blackpool Cycle Ride for charity. I shall probably use it myself, but I think it is a bit early for that yet. Sometime next year, I think.

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