Monday, August 11, 2008


I conceived of the walk as a private project, for my own satisfaction. It would obviously be of some interest to my family and friends.

I have had some success as a writer and it wasn't long before I was thinking that I could write some magazine articles and maybe a book (not to mention this blog) about the trip.

So privacy was on its way out of the window even before somebody mentioned sponsorship. Of course, if I choose to be sponsored, it will be a case of the more the merrier and one way of boosting it would be to maximise publicity.

This could involve informing, and hopefully coverage by, local - possibly national - newspapers, as I progress along. Played to its maximum - and if a 70 year old man walking back to his birth is interesting enough - it could involve radio and television.

Do I want that? As with the sponsorship, I would be very interested in your views.

Bob Greaves, a veteran of local and national television in Britain, has offered his help with publicity. How could I deny him?

Tell me what you think.

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