Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Sponsorship Suggestions from John Hayfield

(From John Hayfield) Thanks for Email - I read the blog with interest. I will give thought to any (hopefully helpful) ideas, but I do think one of the Motorhome retailers (Brownhills for instance) would likely lend you something in return for some logo exposure. If someone from Blighty drove it down to you (could be me?) and took a flight back from Carcassonne, then the return to the owner is sorted. Alternatively, Rapido - the French manufacturer? Mention TV exposure to either and my feeling is they would lend you something. Not sure where in the World I might be then, - but rest assured if I was able to do some driving, I would be pleased to help you with this magnificent effort.

I actually bought a Rapido early last year, but for various reasons disposed of it awhile afterwards. The only contact was a salesman whose name I forget - I'll see if I can find his card in my filing. But I feel a letter from you to the MD would likely fire someone's imagination - this is a serious endeavor and I feel would attract much publicity /public interest should you choose to court that for sponsorship purposes. On that point : whilst I understand your concern regarding a commitment to acheive should you go the route of sponsorship, my feeling is no right minded sponsor would ever complain in the (unlikely) event the walk was not a complete success. My feeling is you are probably being modest, although I understand your point.

Whilst I understand your personal reasons for proceeds being channelled in the Blackpool cause, I would suggest that if you went say, 50-50 with a better known Cancer charity, more people (friends of friends & the public at large) would be likely to contribute. I think this could be huge. Are you ready to handle the fame..?

P.S : for the sake of a few copies of a letter, I would approach Elf / BP / Texaco too regarding free fuel. Any motorhome has lots of white space for advertising the Manufacturer an Oil Company & a Donation web address.

A Ferry Company might be worth a line for a free crossing, too perhaps. Cost to them ? Nothing. Cheers... JH


(My reply) All good stuff, John, keep 'em coming.

If you do speak to the salesman, can you get the MD's name from him.

John, I think your ideas about sponsorship and corporate assistance are great, and I will try them, but I don't think we should get too excited.

I was listening to Dame Ellen MacArthur the other day, being interviewed on the radio. She said that before the big races which made her so famous, she wrote hundreds, or it may have been thousands, of letters to companies she hoped would sponsor her.

"And how many replies did you get?" asked the interviewer.

"Not one", was the reply.

The point she was making was that companies are constantly being asked to sponsor people and will only go for the already well-known.

Or sometimes those for whom they have a personal introduction.

So if you know anybody who knows anybody, et cetera, et cetera ...


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French for a While said...

Just logged on. What a great trip this will be. We look forward to keeping tabs on the whole thing from the Cote d'Azur
Jonathan & Kerri