Monday, August 11, 2008


It has been suggested that I could try to attract sponsorship for a charity.

I have mixed feelings about this. I realise it could do some good, but it could also put me under pressure to achieve, whatever the circumstances of weather, illness, injury or other unforeseen problems.

I have noticed that these days most sponsorship is attracted and paid through the Internet and is paid in advance. How would I feel if I had a lot of sponsorship paid up and then for some reason I was unable to complete the trip? At the moment the project is for my own satisfaction - that would change. Please tell me what you think - I am in a bit of a quandary about this.

Recently, my daughter Karen completed the Manchester to Blackpool (60 miles) sponsored bike ride, an annual event which hundreds of people enter to raise money for their favourite charities. Karen raised funds for the Hospice in Blackpool. She had very personal reasons for choosing that beneficiary. Her mother, Gaile, my first wife, died of pancreatic cancer. She was treated in a hospital in Blackpool, but her final days would have been spent in the Hospice if there had been a place available.

My sister in law is currently receiving help from the same establishment.

So we would all be pleased if the Hospice had more beds, but in any case it needs several million pounds a year just to function at its current level. If I decide to use my walk to raise funds, I think it will be for the Blackpool Hospice.

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Jan said...

Hi again, Vic.
Finally catching up on all 17 of your posts since blog launch - in reverse order!
Further to the sponsorship for charity option...
A friend's sister used the Justgiving website in a similar situation. You can read about her and the event at . Easy to use, I gather.