Monday, August 11, 2008

Some Interesting Suggestions

From Bob Parry 21st June

The Longest Day has caused us to do some lateral thinking about the Longest Walk.You may scoff, it is not as daft as it might appear. To overcome the problem that Gay wants to walk with you, resort to horse power. One can hire a horse drawn caravan, gypsy style, but with all mod. cons. Gay could walk with the horse, and if her tootsies get sore, she could pinch a ride on its back. The outfit could proceed at a leisurely pace, no one would feel the strain, and it would also generate publicity which may be good for whichever company sponsored you. Nike for walking boots?. Whoever for dehydrated grub?. You could pull into a lush meadow overnight, and the horse could trim the grass.A supply of hay could be carried on the caravan roof. Does it not have possibilities?

This is not Midsummer Madness. Or maybe it is and we don't recognise it!!.

To Bob Parry 21st June

Believe it or not, we have thought of that, or rather of hiring a donkey or a llama to carry our stuff.

Problem is - it would slow us down, and the 70 days would not be achieved. Also, having read of people doing long distances either riding or walking with horses, donkeys, et cetera, they are not keen on doing 70 or more days on the trot. And they get sick, and tired, and sore, and have to have expert medical attention.

So it's a good thought, but not as practical as it seems.

Another friend has made a suggestion that we use the UK vegetarian society to contact vegetarians along our route with a view to them putting us up for a night. He also suggested that the Veg Soc could be more interested if we used this to publicise the benefits of vegetarianism, especially its impact on the environment (costs 10 times as much to produce meat, gas emissions from animals, et cetera) but I am not sure I want to be the centre of that sort of publicity. Also, as with any sort of minority, there are always people who want to argue, or even attack.

Nike? All the running shoe manufacturers now make good walking shoes or boots, but I am very attached to Columbia shoes. Have been wearing them for some years and wore a pair out in NZ this year, doing approximately the same distance as we shall do on the Big Walk.

I am not deriding your idea. It was good. Keep them coming.

From Bob Parry 22nd June

(the book I am reading) is remarkable because it details the wanderings of Jesus, after he survived the cruxification. The point I am going to make is that he either walked, or rode a mule ( or mules ). He finished up in what is now Kashmir. That's a long, long way. There was no pre-planning. He just went. Who put him up? Where did he stay? Don't know. But he made it. He was accompanied by Mary Magdalene, so they both did it together.

Now, you are only planning to walk from Blackpool to Southern France. Piece of cake. Of course, you are not as famous or well known as was Jesus. His name went before him. Perhaps there's a clue. How could your name be put before the general public before the great event?. How could folk be persuaded to feed and water you along the route?. There would have to be a CAUSE. Can you think of a CAUSE?. Over to you, folks

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