Friday, August 22, 2008

Lucky Numbers?

I think I was joking about my ego, but gratifying to see that I have had getting on for 40 hits in the past 24 hours.

But how scary to see, from those big ticking figures, that I am 700 days from my 70th birthday and my arrival (again) (I hope), after 70 days walking, in Blackpool. Did somebody say that 7 is a lucky number?

And it is very pleasing to receive messages like these, which arrived today:

From Janet Santamaria Fox

It’s very exciting, good for you! No need to reply as I can see how busy you are. Good luck with all the preparations.

From Evelyn Moorkens

Enjoyed the blog. Thanks a million for getting in touch.

We have added your blog to our favourites - it is brilliant to watch the idea develop!

From John Smith

This is very commendable, at a time when people lament their mortality (not me, I hasten to add) you are still proving things to yourself. My brother in law, Mike Smith, who is 65 has just returned from the European Vets in Slovenia having achieved Gold at 800m, Silver at 1500m and Bronze in the 4x100m. I should be setting a challenge for myxelf since I am merely 60.....

I don't know about the walk, but at least my blog seems to be achieving something, if it is only to amuse some people.

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