Wednesday, August 13, 2008

More Messages of Support

From Andrew 12th August:

I wish you all the best with this but noting your desire for solitude I will not be joining you walking. My motto re walking, and this includes mountains, is only walk it if you can’t ride it; though having said that having recently added a greyhound to our household I have had to up the walking, though being a sprinter, with no endurance, a half hour jog flakes her out.

From Sonia Greaves 12th August

Blogs great. You never cease to amaze!! Will be in touch.

From Martyn and Ann Pickering 12th August

You have not told us this before and I have two reactions. The first one is what a fantastic idea to celebrate your 70th Birthday in this way. The second is your bonkers!!!

If we can do anything to help let us know and we will definitely be there to wave you off!!

From Liz and Colin 13th August

I have just spent a lovely half hour reading your blog. Better than the morning papers. It sparked lots of conversation about different routes and the sponsorship/no sponsorship debate and the merits of a donkey/horse companion. I did think that Gaye could be playing the keyboard in the back of the gypsy caravan when your tired legs and mind needed soothing. Anyway, it sounds like a marvellous challenge. Look forward to reading the updates!

From Bob (aged 86)

Like the Blog. I have no further ideas about the Logistics of the journey; but would like to suggest a working title of any book you may contemplate writing. " Thin Vick to Carcassone". There is plenty of time - like two years; although this may be a long time to you, it is a very short time to me, given my advanced years. If I am still around, I may be lucky enough to be on a motorised Zimmer Frame. Ah!. I could even accompany you on the journey!! Now, that would be a sight to behold.

From Bob after a night's sleep

I got up about three this morning for a pee. I stood there, a beatific smile on my face, gazing out of the window in dawn's early light, at The View From The Loo, when it came to me. Had I been Greek, I would have shouted "Eureka". Had I been English, I would have murmured
"Jollee good, chaps. Jolleegood". Instead, being half Irish, half Welsh, I farted triumphantly. I had the solution to your Logistics problem.

Fit a towbar to the Battlebus. This will be used to tow a small folding trailer tent, or caravan.

Find A Person, or Persons, preferably from Blackpool, who would fly out, bearing sticks of Blackpool Rock to distribute to baffted Puivert peasants, to drive the 'bus. He/she/they would occupy the aforementioned trialer tent/caravan at overnight stops, and at the end of the Big Walk, they are home again!!. Simple but brilliant.

Rather like me, perhaps; although I am too modest to think that!! Consider, cogitate ( what a dreadful word), contemplate the idea; then squash it flat with some new circumstance, which like my revelation, has suddenly appeared.

To Bob

That is a very good idea. I had already thought of that, although I had not given it much attention. Will now cogitate, et cetera, as advised. A problem is that there are not many people who we would want to spend 70 days with. In fact I can't think of one. Obviously, they would be sleeping in their own "room", but it would be churlish of us not to spend the evenings with them - we would be almost bound to. But it is a possibility.

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