Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Why Is End Of April Too Late?

I have been asked why I feel that the end of April is too late for delivery of the battlebus, when I shall not be starting the walk until 15th May.

Don't forget that is an estimated delivery date. The last estimate was February, which turned out to be rather incorrect. Also, it is the date when the vehicle may arrive at the dealers, no in my hands. Also it is too late because it does not allow for any more delays, and it does not let us do what we wanted to do which is make several shorter trips in it so that Gay can get used to driving it, we can find the inevitable snags and have them fixed, and because Columbia need it so that they can cover it with a glorious design. End of April is too close for comfort, which is why we ordered it for the end of March, and came home earlier from New Zealand so that we could accomplish the above.

We are hoping to get a different model which the man claims he can get within five days. It has the snag that it is much dearer but hopefully we would get that much more back when we sell it, which we may well do straight after VBW. We would love to keep it and use it but can not conceive of when we would do that. With us being away so much of the year Down Under, Gay likes to be at home the rest of the time, except for the necessary trips to Italy, et cetera. She is very keen on the vegetable gardening (none this year because we are only here for 6 weeks in the whole year to the end of August).

Another problem is that I don't know how much longer I will be able to drive. My eyes are definitely worse than when we went away in January. We are watching "West Wing" on DVD. I can not now make out the faces I could see before we went away. We will have to move the furniture closer to the tv.

I have another appointment at the eye hospital on 27th April, to measure the rate of deterioration.

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