Monday, March 15, 2010

Stormy Weather ....

We managed to get 19 kms walking in today, 13 kms in the 6 am walk along the seafront of Moreton Bay (Queensland, Australia) and another 6 kms around the city centre. That is a good start to the week, but I am not sure how much more walking we will manage to get in this week - a week which will see us shift our position by approaching 20,000 kms.

Tomorrow we go away with John and Gail overnight - Tuesday to Wednesday. We then spend another night with them at their home before flying off to Singapore on Thursday. Friday night we have a 14-hour overnight flight to Manchester before finishing the week with a two night stay in Ambleside. I suspect that schedule does not leave much room for walking.

I mention the Thursday flight from Brisbane to Singapore with a certain amount of finger-crossing. There are a couple of cyclones lurking in the Pacific, one of which shows an inclination to possibly hit the Queensland coast "approaching the weekend". Thursday feels ominously near the weekend if Cyclone Ului decides to speed things up a bit. Already the seas are demonstrating, and the cyclone is currently 1500 kms away. Watch this space.

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