Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rock Bottom

Rock bottom, that's where this week is, walking-wise. I think I will be walking less kilometres than in any week since the VBW project started nearly two years ago.

We are doing some intensive visiting in the UK. The rest of the time seems to be taken up with shopping for various items which will be needed during the walk, or equipment for the soon to be collected battlebus. Not much time left for walking.

Friday we drive from Manchester to Portsmouth, where I will check out the route from the ferry terminal to the start (for me) of the Wayfarers Way (which connects to various other walking paths which will carry me the 200 kms to Oxford). Then we catch the ferry to France, where we arrive on Saturday. We should be home by Sunday evening.

Monday morning is the start of a new week, as I record them. Training will start again in earnest. The plan, for the six weeks or so remaining until the start of VBW, is to walk at least 100 kms per week, with at least one walk of 30 kms per week. This should maintain my current fitness level and also remind me what is like to walk 30 kms so that will not be too much of a shock when I start doing it every day for 10 weeks.

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