Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Homeless And Transportless

We had a bit of a setback today in the preparations for VBW. As a result, as things stand, for the 70 days of the walk we shall be homeless and transportless.

We drove over to Pamiers, confidently expecting to meet the campervan we ordered last October, and which we had been told would be arriving at the dealers in February. We need a few weeks to test out the vehicle, iron out any snags, and equip it for the journey. Not to mention the glorious design with which Columbia intend to equip it, head to foot.

On arrival, the smiling Stephan told us that, because of production delays, the vehicle will not be arriving until the end of April. That will be too late.

He is supposed to be scouring the country for an available model of the same type. Failing that, we shall have to return to the drawing board.

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talesfromagarden said...

Thats a right bummer Vic, and you seem to be so stoic about it! Heres hoping a replacement will be found ASAP!