Friday, March 12, 2010

The Kindness Of Strangers, Part The Umpteenth

We are at Woody Point, near Brisbane, staying with John and Gail Brady. It has been a very rainy and windy night. We have just had an extremely bracing 13kms walk with John along the sea front here. The sandblasting of our faces, arms and legs on the way back was most therapeutic. Gay says people pay to have that done to their bodies.

On the way back I stopped off for a haircut. Carolyn and I talked of this and that, including VBW, as she chopped at my locks. When it came time to pay, she said, "No charge. Please put the money in the fund for Pancreatic Cancer. I think it is marvellous what you are doing". Only a few weeks ago my podiatrist in Christchurch, Nick Haley, did the same thing.

I had to go onto the JustGiving website to put the donation, and the message, in on her behalf. I noticed while on there that our friend Kerri had recently made a donation of which I was not aware. The two donations together have now taken the fund to 40% of the 7,000 pound target I have set.

Once again, thank you to so many people, many of them completely unknown to me, who have helped me to get the fund to this point. This is a very deserving cause. All cancers are horrible, but there have been great strides in the treatment of most cancers. With pancreatic cancer there has been no progress in the past 50 years and, in my experience, the life expectancy after diagnosis is a very few weeks.

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