Monday, March 22, 2010


"Completely amazed by your dedication and just grateful that there are people like you prepared to put in the hard graft x"

This is a message on my JustGiving donation page, from Jacky Rolls, who made a donation yesterday.

I don't know Jacky, but she is one example of many strangers who are donating to Pancreatic Cancer research in connection with my walk.

Another example, yesterday we were in Holland and Barrett, stocking up on concentrated beetroot juice (which is good for stamina). Obviously we were talking about why we needed 70 bottles of Beet-it. As we left, she said she would definitely be making a donation.

A few minutes before, I was in Rohan, buying a waterproof cape. The man who was serving me told me that he writes for the Rohan magazine or newsletter and he would publicise my walk in there.

I am completely amazed by the kindness of people like this.

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