Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank You New Zealand

Tomorrow we fly out of New Zealand, having walked many hundreds of kilometres here. This is something which would have been difficult if we had stayed at home. Europe has a very difficult winter this time. This very morning there are TV reports of the French Riviera being deep in snow! While writing this, I have discovered that there is deep snow at home as well.

New Zealand, its weather and its people have been as kind to us as usual. I mentioned a short while ago that we have been showered with gifts and support. When we left Hokitika, Adele and Brian of 252 Beachside Motel gave us a good discount, then presented a gift package as we left. The package contained two pairs of Merinotech walking socks and a box of chocolates for Gay.

Here in Oxford, Robin and Denise have been their usual kind, helpful and supportive selves. We had a good night out with them and some of their friends on Sunday. Denise’s Ribblesdale Gardens are magnificent and a tourist attraction.

This morning we drive into Christchurch and book into the Annabelle Court Motel. This puts us into position for a couple of walks across Hagley Park to the city centre, which will help us to bag more than 10 kms for the day. Jo and Tracy always make us feel welcome.

We have so many friends here. And most of them have contributed through this blog to Pancreatic Cancer research. Excellently so, and I feel there is more to come. If the same proportion of my friends and acquaintances in UK and other countries can achieve the same levels, I will easily achieve my target of £7000. At the moment, the fund is at 39% of that.

Thank you, New Zealand. See you next year.

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