Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Lull In Training

We have finished the heavy training in Hanmer and have moved to Oxford. We are here for three days. On Wednesday we go into Christchurch to spend our last night in New Zealand at the Annabelle Court Motel before heading to the airport early on Thursday for the flight to Brisbane.

So there will be a bit of a lull in the training until we reach Brisbane. Our normal pattern there is a sea-front walk with John and Gail Brady at six in the morning, to avoid the heat and humidity certain to arrive later in the day. However, John warns us that "monsoon" conditions have been prevailing lately, with torrential rain keeping them confined to quarters, where they are suffering from "cabin fever". We shall see.

The picture was taken a few days ago and is just an example of the pleasurable sights which catch they eye while out walking.

Referring to the above lull in training, there may also be lulls in bloggery until the end of the month, when we arrive home to prepare for the start of VBW. I am not sure how much Internet access we shall have at the various points of our travels.

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