Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hello Possum

A 15 kms walk this morning, which brought the week’s total to over 100 kms for the first time this year.

After cleaning up we popped into Omru Blue, a delightful shop on the magnificent main street of Oamaru, Thames Street. We have been visiting Omru Blue for several years, usually buying something, but also for the pleasure of again meeting the proprietor, Maureen McQuillan. She is one of several people all over NZ who greet us with a casual “Oh hello you two”, as if we just live around the corner instead of 20,000 kms away.

Today was Maureen’s day off so we had the replacement pleasure of a chat with her partner Robert McLean, who claims to be the longest surviving prostate cancer sufferer in Australasia. He has had this illness for 13 years and on one occasion he was told he had 3 weeks left. He certainly looks well at the moment and clearly enjoys every moment.

When I told Robert of my plan to walk 2,000 kms for Pancreatic Cancer research, his response was to ask me what size shoes I take. All became clear when he made me a gift of a pair of Lothlorian possum and merino trekking socks, which he recommends for the journey.

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