Friday, January 15, 2010

Fine Feathered Friend

How about this splendid creature, who greeted us when we arrived at Coolendel? For the full effect double-click on the picture so it fills your screen

There is no getting away from peacocks for us at the moment as there is one, name of Percy, who roams the grounds at Dana's house.

In an attempt to escape, we are today driving (or rather, Dana is) over 5 hours to Jindabyne, in the Snowy Mountains. We shall be there for 3 days. Despite the name of the mountains, and the fact that Jindabyne is a skiing resort, we don't expect to see much snow (haven't we had enough lately!) because it is the middle of summer and today's forecast for there is 30 degrees Centigrade.

1 comment:

talesfromagarden said...

Thats one awesome picture! My parents had a dog called Percy, a yorkshire terrier!