Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Eye Protection

Yesterday we drove 400 kms and walked 6, and that was just an accumulation of short incidental walks at various places where we stopped for a break and at our destination for the day, Fontenay le Comte.

We stayed overnight at a hotel called Le Fontarabie. The original inn Fontarabie was establiished in 1520 under the reign of Francois 1st, when Spanish traders of the Fuenterrabia "came by with their balls of wool and miniature ponies to exchange them for mules of the Vendee at the Hotel Fontarabie."

The temperature here is -6 degrees Celsius. We took the opportunity of being in a town with shops. I had a pair of flip-up clip-on sunnies made for my specs. One of the effects of my eye problem is that my eyes have become even more sensitive to the sun and I have been told to wear sun glasses any time the sun is out. In fact I had a bit of a problem on the way here yesterday as the road twisted and turned so that we were frequently facing the sun one minute and next minute not.

On today to Ouistreham, near Caen, where we catch the overnight ferry to Portsmouth.

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