Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Vital Advice For Pedometer Users.

Yesterday we moved inland to Alexandra, frequently the hottest place in New Zealand during the summer. True to form, the weather has biled (as Huckleberry Finn would have said) up to 31 degrees Centigrade just as we ramped up the walking to 30 kms per day.

I owe an apology to my maligned pedometer. As memtioned before, it has been giving me a lot of inaccurate readings so I purchased a new one (pictured), the Accusplit Eagle.

The Accusplit is much smaller and neater, has a very large display - necessary because of the dire and deteriorating condition of my eyes. It claims a battery life of 18 months, compared with the experienced life of 6 months in the other one. It has an excellent attachment system, with a clip-on and also a backup lanyard to another clip. I have learned how necessary that is because I have dislodged and dropped the other one many times.

I was very disappointed at first by the tiny scrap of paper which is all the instructions you get. However, as long as you have a magnifying glass, everything you neet to know is there. Especially this vital piece of information - that the only place to clip the device is on your belt or waistband, directly above one knee. IN NO OTHER POSITION WILL IT WORK ACCURATELY. If Omron had told me that (in fact I am pretty sure they suggest dangling it from a lanyard around your neck, their device would still be my one and only. I have been using it clipped to the chest-strap of my backpack, in which position it seems to lose some kilometres, especially, for some reason, when walking up steep hills.

Following that advice from Accusplit and clipping the Omron directly above my left knee while the Accusplit plugs away above my right knee, I get identical readings, which, unlike the Omron in its former position, match up with my known walking speed. Nevertheless, the Omron, being bigger and clumsier, is now relegated to Deputy Dawg.

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