Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Worst Weather Forecasting In The World

Monday we drove from Oxford to Akaroa in brilliant sunshine, which really showed New Zealand at its best. Travel and chores meant that we only walked 4 kms, but the forecast for Tuesday was more of the same so we knew we would be able to get our legs moving at last.

We were out by 7.30. The weather was not quite the same, as there were some clouds in the sky, unlike Monday. But it looked promising. As we headed uphill on the “Round the mountain” walk, we could see threatening rain clouds at the top. The cloud came lower as we went higher. Soon we were in the clouds ourselves. As we descended, expecting to emerge from the mist, the weather had other ideas. The cloud came lower and lower, following us from over 600 metres down to sea-level. We never saw the sun again. Weather forecasting is subject to ridicule everywhere, but I think in New Zealand it is some of the worst I have seen anywhere in the world.

The “Round the mountain” walk is really pretty strenuous. It takes us almost 3 hours (it is billed as 4 to 7 hours) but my pedometer shows only 10 kms when we get back “home”. We noticed while up there that there are signs for new walks, so intend to do one of those tomorrow if the weather is, as promised (yawn, yawn) fine.

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