Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Few Clicks For Pancreatic Cancer Research

After a few hours sleep and a magnificent, world-beating date scone at the Ground Floor Café opposite our motel, the Annabelle Court, we walked across Hagley Park in Christchurch City Centre. I had an appointment with Nick Haley, my podiatrist, who has kept my legs functioning since I had to give up running because of a knee injury.

I needed to discuss the same knee with Nick, as it has been giving me a bit of trouble from time to time and I need it to be capable of walking 2,000 kms with me, starting in May.

Nick adjusted my orthotics a bit and gave me some tips on stride length and walking technique. Then he kindly said that there would be no charge and I should put the equivalent amount into the fund for Pancreatic Cancer research, the cause for which I am undertaking VBW.

The fund currently holds 35% of my £7,000 target. It has stalled a little over Christmas, as most things do. Christmas is one of those handy landmarks which people hide behind when they do not want to make a decision or spend money – “I’ll do it after Christmas, or Easter, or the summer holidays …”

Well, it’s after Christmas now, nowhere near Easter, and I would like this fund to get up to 50% before I start the walk on May 15th. And there are a lot of people out there with pancreatic cancer (or just about to get it), a cancer which is swift, deadly, and for which, unlike most cancers, there has been no progress over the past 50 years.

I am walking twelve and half million steps to help draw attention and funds to this cause. All you have to do is make a few clicks with you mouse. See the blue “donate” button up and to your left on this screen?

There are still many people out there who have told me they will be donating but have not yet done so. Now is the time.

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